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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011


The showcase was last week and portfolios are basically done! I've been throwing at home alot more now and ive been working on some jars!
This video is the jar on the right! The clay in the video was a little stiff and thats why it looks a little lopsided but in the end it really doesnt matter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some free time

I've had alot of free time at home so ive been throwing alot more than i used to! I have almost everything glazed from this year i think i only have about ten more pieces.
I also fired my barrel this weekend and i got some very very cool results. I didnt take any pictures of my pieces from the firing yet but here are some of emilys pieces that came out!
Me and my dad have been adjusting the barrel and making changes to how we are firing it so hopefully we can get the technique down to almost perfection!

i bet you cant open and raise in one continuous motion :]

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Heres a new mug that ive started to make! It is kinda cool to look at and hold :)

Heres a plate that im also starting to make :] they are really really hard to get right because you have to throw a flat tuna can shape and then cut it in half with a spring. Heres the video that i learned the idea from on youtube!
For this next piece i throw two bowl shapes, (more vertical bowls i guess) and then trimmed the rims so that they fit into each other, (kinda like the rice bowls that matty had been working on) and then i added some dots to the bottom and a little gnome that abby made to the top!!

I also spent some time in the studio on saturday and had a great time with whitney and her daughter! I have a new plate now!

Thats it for this week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sodium silicate update!

Today i tried out the sodium silicate but i put a layer of red iron oxide slip on top of it! I threw a bottle form and a vase!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lots of vases

I threw all of these vases last week! There are two planters, thirteen vases, and two bottle forms. I have been practicing with sodium silicate alot recently to see if i can get some cool things accomplished! Heres some close ups :]

These are the two planters i threw. The one on the right cracked a little on the bottom in the bisque firing but it probably wont be that big of a deal once i glaze it because the bottom of a planter never really will be seen.

I threw some flower looking bowls with some porcelain that i had left over from the beginning of the year!
 Here is one of my larger vases with a bottle that i tried doing a grid design and stretching it with sodium silicate.

These are some vases that i threw a few weeks ago but i havent done blogs in a while!

Here is another bottle form that i tried with the sodium silicate. I like the idea of this type of bottle...but i think that i need a smaller foot to match the neck. I want to make more bottles but i am always discouraged because i have trouble with trimming them.
I was inspired to make some more comfy cups after winning my gold key in the scholastic awards :]
I know there are lots of repeats in the pictures but i wanted to show the pieces in comparison with the rest and i also wanted to show just single pictures! Also i thought id share another video :] enjoy

Friday, February 11, 2011

Some odd stuff

This is the vase that i was talking about last week that i was going to assemble with two pieces! ive never assembled a piece on the wheel before and im happy with how it turned out! when i put it together it seemed very boring so i added a texture to the top half and then once i got that done i realised that it made the bottom half look boring so i added some clay balls to the bottom!

Here is another vase form that i made with the same kind of idea!

I feel like this brings alot of attention to the top of the piece and not alot to the bottom...however i have lots of mixed feelings towards it. I like it alot because its a very new idea for me but i'm not really sure!